A Step By Step Guide On How To Remove Your Online Presence


Tom Hale

Senior Journalist

clockJul 7 2016, 17:26 UTC

Can you ever really disappear from a world where your face is plastered all over Facebook, your location is stamped all over Instagram, and your private messages are stored in a permanent “cloud” somewhere?


There’s a handful of websites and apps, such as DeleteMe and JustDelete.Me, which can help you to “disappear” online by automatically deleting your public profiles. But if you’d prefer a more “hands-on” and thorough approach, this infographic by Who Is Hosting This? gives a step-by-step guide on how to pull the plug on your Internet presence, as much as you realistically can.

It’s worth considering that the best way to obscure your online presence is by being cautious about what you sign up to and by maintaining a low profile from the get-go. While these tricks can help you get yourself off the radar, it’s more or less impossible to remove all traces of your online presence. But with these tips, you can certainly make it more difficult, especially for the layman, to get their hands on your precious information.  


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