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IFLScience is a world leading science communicator and was created with a simple mission – to make science exciting and present it in a creative, entertaining, engaging style which leaves readers with a sense of curiosity and a desire to learn more.

In the last four years, IFLScience has evolved into the global go-to-site for engaging and thought-provoking science content on the Internet. We offer articles within the world of science from the latest discoveries to debunking the viral theories of the internet.

We were established to publish articles with the intention of growing community of those who desire to explore beyond common knowledge to understand how and why our universe works!

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The Stats

  • Unique visitors 50 Million Unique visitors monthly
  • Facebook fans 25 Million Facebook fans
  • Gender split 50/50 Gender split
  • Facebok reach 625+ Million Facebook reach
  • Millennial reach 67% Millennial reach
  • Mobile users 70% Mobile users


IFLScience.com offers a full range of online display ad formats across all screens: desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Our ad solutions help you deliver relevant, effective campaigns that target your particular audience and achieve your unique goals.

  • Above the fold units (300x250)

    Above The Fold Units (300x250)
  • Below The Fold Units (300x250)

    Below The Fold Units (300x250)
  • Above the fold units (300x600)

    Above The Fold Units (300x600)
  • Below The Fold Units (300x600)

    Below The Fold Units (300x600)
  • Full Roadblock Article Page

    Full Roadblock Article Page
  • Full Roadblock Homepage

    Full Roadblock Homepage
  • Mobile Premium Header Unit

    Mobile Premium Header Unit
  • Mobile MREC Unit

    Mobile MREC Unit
  • Mobile Sticky Footer Unit

    Mobile Sticky Footer Unit


Our newly released sponsored content option allows IFLScience’s in-house team works with brands and agencies to create custom and bespoke content – video and written editorial.

We aim to create pieces with brands whilst maintaining the same authenticity and tone as own branded content.

Editorial Sponsorship

Editorial sponsorship is the funding of the IFLScience editorial calendar by an advertiser. Brands can sponsor a particular subject or topic, but the advertiser has no influence on the content itself. The content is written and edited by the IFLScience journalists with the same standards as own branded content.

Branded Content

Branded Content is content that is funded by and created with input with an advertiser. Working closely with the advertiser, IFLScience will help tell the advertiser’s message through our irreverent tone of voice and in a way that is engaging to our audience. The content will be created by the IFLScience editorial team.

Who We've Worked With

  • Land Rover
  • Future Learn
  • edX
  • HP
  • Blue Byte
  • Penguin Random House

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