Second Person In Three Days Attacked By Wild Bison In Yellowstone National Park

Please do not go get close to the wild animals. 


Dr. Beccy Corkill

Senior Custom Content Producer

clockJul 1 2022, 16:31 UTC
wild bison
I mean why would you approach this massive animal? Image credit: Tim Malek/

Wild Bison are huge animals. Wild Bison can be aggressive. Therefore, Wild Bison should not be approached. There, we said it, and Yellowstone National Park in the United State of Wyoming has said it… multiple times. 

There is also a rule about it in the Park – stay at least 23 meters (75 feet) away from them. These magnificent animals are very territorial and aggressive animals, they can weigh up to 907 kilograms (2,000 pounds) and travel up to speeds of 56 kilometers per hour (35 miles per hour), so you really do not want them running anywhere near you.


Despite these warnings, another person has now been attacked by these creatures, as reported by the National Park Service. A 71-tear-old woman was taken to hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. This attack happened as the woman approached the animal as she was returning to her car, which made the animal charge.

This is not the only recent attack, as little as only three days ago a 34-year-old man from Pennsylvania was also attacked. He and his family decided to take a leisurely stroll along a boardwalk near the park’s legendary Old Faithful geyser.

Video footage has emerged of the man pulling a child out of the path of the bull bison, before he himself was flung up into the air. He has since been taken to the hospital, as he had to be treated for an arm injury.

This incident with the man was not even the first of the year. At the end of May, there was a 25-year old woman from Ohio that was also attacked. She was tossed up a staggering 10ft (3m) not the air when she was on a hike in the park.

So, please please please be like this reporter for NBC and do not mess with, approach, or go anywhere near these animals.

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