Australian Police Announce Hoverboard Unit For Back To The Future Day


Tom Hale

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clockOct 21 2015, 14:00 UTC
3085 Australian Police Announce Hoverboard Unit For Back To The Future Day
Queensland Police

The internet has, quite rightly, been going nuts over "Back To The Future Day" – the date where Marty McFly and Doc traveled to in the 1989 film Back To The Future 2. The jokes and homages have been flooding our news feeds, however, the award for the best joke has to go to Queensland Police.  

This morning, they issued a statement saying they’ve deployed officers from their hoverboard unit to investigate a silver Sedan crashing into a power pole near the movie theater. Apparently, a 17-year-old man was charged although his licence had expired over 30 years ago.


The statement went on to say:

“Investigations into the vehicle and what a flux capacitor is, are ongoing.

The Mount Isa Cinema received a loss of power to the building.


Owner Jodi Saunders said the driver got out of the car and asked for a Pepsi.

'He also wanted to know when we would be playing Jaws 19,' Jodi Saunders said.

The damage to the power pole caused a power outage to the area.


Mount Isa Mayor Tony McGrady advised that the power outage caused damage to the town clock, which has stopped working.”

Anyway... has anyone seen my 1950-2000 Grays Sports Almanac?

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