RØDE Built Their First-Ever Headphones For Those Who Know Comfort Is King (As Well As Sound Quality)

At $149.99, it’s too enticing a combination to pass up.

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clockJun 10 2022, 13:23 UTC
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Tech shoppers can be notoriously hard to please. While everyday shoppers are moving to wireless earbuds for many of their basic on-the-go audio needs, creators and true sound connoisseurs aren't willing to settle for just any OK audio reproduction. From longtime audiophiles to those who actually work in the business of sound, including musicians, audio engineers, podcasters, and more, headphones with premium sound require a lot more than a simple pair of earbuds can deliver.

RØDE is well aware of what sound experts need. Since the 1960s, the Australian makers of microphones and other recording technology have become one of the most trusted names in that field. But as RØDE expands its sphere to stake its claim in the exploding podcasting and streaming audio markets, the company has also stretched its product line, creating the NTH-100 headphones, the company's first attempt at headphones under the Røde banner.


And as expected, a company of RØDE's stature didn't just jump into headphones on a lark. Instead, the NTH-100s take headphone audio just as seriously as their mics, presenting an exceptional clarity in their sound to deliver a highly detailed representation of the audio. It uses the NTH-100's custom-matched drivers and a state-of-the-art acoustic design to fashion an optimized presentation of your source audio.

While other models shuffle in extra compression or boost low end to increase the excitement of their sound artificially, these RØDE headphones play it straight. That's especially appreciated by music lovers and by audio professionals who depend on a clean, unbiased version of a song, podcast, audio recording, and more to best assess the work. For studio and home recorders alike, the presentation of the NTH-100s is like having another untainted set of ears helping you with your recording.

Of course, all that marvelous sound becomes a lot less marvelous if the headphones themselves don't sit correctly around your ears. The NTH-100s were made with comfort and extreme ease of use right at the top of their list. Made from durable materials like stainless steel, soft suede-like Alcantara fabric, and even cooling gel, the combination helps these headphones sit comfortably on your head and cools your ears as you create.


Outlets dedicated to premium gear have nothing but praise for RØDE's first-timer efforts, with PCMag calling the NTH-100s "an excellent debut" and TechRadar raving the "audio quality is exceptional, living up to Røde's high standards."

Coupling a premium brand with superior materials, stellar comfort, and next-level sound reproduction, it would be no surprise if the RØDE NTH-100 headphones retailed at a price point in the $300-$500 range. At $149.99, it’s too enticing a combination to pass up.

Prices are subject to change.


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