Robot Lawyer Is Now Offering Free Legal Advice For 1,000 Areas Of Law


Tom Hale

Senior Journalist

clockJul 12 2017, 22:18 UTC


Justice ain’t cheap, but thankfully this free lawyer chatbot has expanded its field of expertise and can now offer advice in 1,000 legal areas.

DoNotPay was originally created two years ago by 18-year-old British entrepreneur Joshua Browder using IBM's "Watson" AI technology. He managed to develop a chatbot capable of offering advice to motorists who wanted to dispute parking tickets. He has since expanded it to tackle other small legal disputes, such as flight delays and landlord disputes. The technology even provides legal advice to refugees completing immigration applications and applying for asylum.


The bot has since helped over 16,000 people successfully dispute their parking tickets across London and New York over a period of less than two years. That’s over $4 million worth of fines.

On Wednesday, the artificial intelligence bot reached another milestone. The new features will cover consumer and workplace rights across 50 US states and the UK.

"The expansion is into consumer rights, from fighting your landlord to getting a refund when something isn't delivered on time," Browder told Mashable. "I think businesses should be forced to treat consumers better, and consumer rights bots will hopefully change that."


“Previously, the main way to correct this unfairness was to pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars to copy and paste a document. I hope DoNotPay gives more people a way to stand up for their rights."

The system works like any other chatbot. You simply start by typing in your problem and the bot will then reply with a set of simple and detailed solutions to the problem, such as “send a warning”, “notify authorities”, and “dispute eviction notice”.

“I think my robot lawyer is not going to be arguing in the high court or supreme court anytime soon,” Browder said in a video interview with the Associated Press in November 2016. “But the law is all about information and rules, and I think that’s perfect for technology. I started by creating a robot lawyer, but if I could one day I can have the world’s largest robot law firm that would be amazing too.”


You can check out Browder's lawyer chatbot here

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