These Are The Most Attractive Jobs, According To Dating App Users


Dr. Alfredo Carpineti

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clockApr 19 2018, 17:44 UTC

Is your job sexy enough for online dating? Ben Parker Photography

Dating apps give us intriguing insight into human psychology, and their wealth of data can be used to extrapolate what people like in others. A new study commissioned by dating site Badoo, which has 380 million users worldwide, has produced a list of the most popular jobs on their app.  


The study, widely reported in the British media, asked 5,000 straight people from the UK between 18 and 30 about what careers they found most attractive for members of the opposite sex.

For men, you have a better chance on dating apps if you are a chef, an engineer, an entrepreneur, in marketing, or an artist. For women, it is hairdresser, nurse, lawyer, entrepreneur, and teacher.

There is not much more to go on and people interpret these results in different ways. It's possible women want someone who can cook for them or recite poems at a drop of a hat, or maybe these professions are seen as a sign of a passionate and caring individual. In the same way, men might not want hairdressers or nurses for a free haircut or sexual fantasies, but appreciate how skilled and dedicated these women must be.

The fact that entrepreneur as a profession is liked by both men and women suggests people value others that work hard on their passion project. Or perhaps they are popular jobs because it sounds like you’ve got your s#it together. Human psychology is complex and there is no absolute rule to online dating. So even if you’re not in these professions, don’t quit your job just yet.


It is easy to show that these are not universal results. Tinder did something similar in 2016 and their findings for the most right-swiped jobs are surprisingly different. The overlap between the two is only entrepreneur for both genders and teacher for women. It is important to point out that the tinder data was only from those in the US, while Badoo is only from people in the UK.

[H/T: Business Insider]

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