TWIS: Exploring A Mysterious Psychedelic Temple, An Absolute Unit Of A Wind Turbine, And Much More This Week

All the biggest science news stories of the week.


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clockJul 1 2022, 10:30 UTC
This Week In Science!
All the biggest science news stories of the week. Image Credit: Edited by IFLScience

This week, eerie temple chambers hint at psychedelic rituals, we get a glimpse of China’s global Mars imaging, and a mummified pup shines some light on the origins of humanity’s best friend. Find some of the biggest stories of the past week below.



Mysterious Passageways In Pre-Columbian Temple May Have Been Used As Psychedelic Ritual Chambers

A network of eerie chambers and passageways built into an enigmatic temple complex in the Peruvian Andes may have been used for ritual practices involving psychedelic plants, according to researchers. Archaeologists believe the winding network of passageways may have served to disorient those taking part in psychedelic rituals. Read the full story here



NASA Chief Hints JWST First Photos Will Include “Deepest Image Of Our Universe”

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) – the largest, most expensive, and most complex observatory ever launched into space – is set to release its first proper high-res full-color images on July 12, six months after its nail-biting launch. Now, NASA has offered some tantalizing hints at what we might see. Read the full story here



New Massive Offshore Wind Turbine Can Power A Home For 2 Days With A Single Spin

A new offshore wind farm will utilize some absolutely massive turbines to produce power – so massive that just one spin will power the average home for two full days. The turbines have recently been even further improved from the best in the world, to even more so, and the development will be the US’ first utility-scale wind farm. Read the full story here



China Has Imaged The Whole Of Mars –  And The Shots Are Mind-Blowing

China has completed its global imaging of Mars, fulfilling the prime missions of the robotic spacecraft Tianwen-1. The mission has managed to pick up medium-definition images of the entire planet, as well as a number of high-definition images that glow with details and vibrant color. Read the full story here



Mummified Ice Age Wolves Reveal The Mysterious Dual Ancestry Of Pet Dogs

DNA extracted from the bodies of preserved ancient wolves has shown researchers the origin of humanity’s best bud, the domestic dog. The huge analysis shows that all modern dogs have a dual ancestry that can be traced to at least two populations of ancient wolves. Read the full story here



Feature of the week:

You Should Probably Be Checking Your Poo Every Day For Bowel Cancer Symptoms

After the passing of Dame Deborah James, people are being urged to check the loo for early signs of this common form of cancer. Read the full story here

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