TWIS: Eyelash-Sized Monster Bacteria, A Spectacular 5-Planet Alignment, And Much More This Week

All the biggest science news stories of the week.


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clockJun 24 2022, 11:18 UTC
This Week In Science!
All the biggest science news stories of the week. Image Credit: Edited by IFLScience.

This week, a new species of giant bacteria was discovered, we found out what our balance really says about our health, and we try to understand Benford’s Law. Find some of the biggest stories of the past week below.



Giant New Bacteria Species Is So Big It’s Visible To The Naked Eye

A newly discovered species of bacteria is the largest ever observed by an absolutely colossal margin, according to a new study. The single-celled bacterial cell is so big it’s comparable in size and shape to a centimeter-long human eyelash, approximately 5,000 times larger than most other known bacteria. Read the full story here



Pew Peeeeeeeeeeeeeew: Physicists Create A Continuous Laser Made Of Fifth State Of Matter

Quantum mechanics tells us that the fundamental truth of the universe is that waves are particles and particles are waves. Theoretically, it's certainly possible to make a laser of matter, but practically it has been difficult. Until now. Read the full story here



Standing On One Leg For 10 Seconds Could Reveal Your Risk Of Death

New research suggests that balance assessments should be incorporated into clinical examinations, after a study finds that people who cannot stand on one leg for 10 seconds in mid to later life have a doubled chance of death in the next 10 years. Read the full story here



Protein From Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Is Harder To Absorb, Suggests Study

High in protein but low in undesirable fats, plant-based meat alternatives are often touted as a healthier alternative to the real deal. But, according to a new study, protein from plant-based meat alternatives doesn’t appear to be absorbed by the gut as well as protein from chicken meat. Read the full story here



How To Watch The Best Five-Planet Alignment Since 1864 Happening This Week

Look at the Eastern sky tomorrow, an hour before dawn, and you will see five planets visible to the naked eye in a lovely line. That’s not all: they will be in order from the closest to the furthest from the Sun. These sorts of group alignments, which delight lovers of the night sky, tend to only happen once every few decades. Read the full story here



Feature of the week:

Benford's Law Is A Mathematical Mystery, But We Use It All The Time

Benford's law - the crime fighting anomaly helping us tackle fraudsters. We may not know why it exists, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. Read the full story here

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